Privacy Policy

GWT Support24X7 takes every possible action to upholding the privacy of each and every client. The policy made available at the GWT Support24X7’s website gives a good knowledge of the collection of personal information, its further usages and dissemination by the company.   
Collection of Personal Information
We source personal information regarding clients with the help of sites and applications. Users either submit the information on site, or we collect when they give it while using applications. The information contains many aspects, together with name, e-mail addresses, gender, education, date of birth, interests etc.
Cookies and Call Recording are other ways in which information is collected by us.
Cookies are small files which gather users’ personal information with recording their exhaustive experience with a website. Cookies rely on the method wherein computers accessing a site are counted, users’ experiences are personalized and their preferences are remembered for further usages. When a browser is set to “not accept” cookies or decline cookies, no one can access certain information or preferences of users in such cases. 
Call Recording

GWT Support24X7 holds the rights to record calls to facilitate internal monitoring so that the quality of services is raised. Nevertheless, GWT Support24X7 takes clients’ needs and wishes in account and offers them the right to either cut off a call which is recorded or ask us not to do the same. 
Usage clauses pertaining to personal information
GWT Support24X7 gathers and collects personal information to perk up clients’ overall experience with the services. The collected helps in myriad ways:      

  • Enhancing clients’ total experience with the site as well as with the not the applications
  • Offering an appropriate response to comments and queries to enable an ideal and hassle-free customer experience
  • Forwarding the same information to solve a range of issues concerning client’s accounts, invoices, updates, security alerts etc.
  • Offering complete information to clients regarding new products, new services and many promotion plans  made available by GWT Support24X7 and its channel partners
  • Assessing the comparative failure or success or any visible impact of these promotions

Upholding the client confidentiality
GWT Support24X7 employs utmost care and measures so that clients’ personal information can never be misused, or remain prone to unlawful access, remain in danger of disclosure, modification, and damage. In spite of putting the best of measures, no one can ever give an assurance of a full-proof security and hence, we do the same.
In the same privacy policy, GWT Support24X7 offers clients an opportunity to stop getting promotional mails, and clients just have to mail the request in this regard at . The same mailing address can be used by clients to stop any information sharing between third parties to enjoy a fruitful association with the company.
Changes to the Privacy Clause
GWT Support24X7 offers clients an opportunity to bring any changes to personal information by either getting it corrected or updated at the earliest. GWT Support24X7 holds the right to bring changes to this Policy as and when needed, and it enables the changing of dates for the sake of clients’ convenience. GWT Support24X7 never hesitates to inform or notify clients about any changes whatsoever to the Privacy Policy.
Questions about the Privacy Policy

If anyone has any unanswered queries with regards to GWT Support24X7’s privacy policy, feel free to contact the company at


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