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Are you looking for home networking support? TWQ Support enables you to get the right advice on home networking. Browse this section and Get information on setting up a home wireless network Configure and secure your wireless home network using your existing ADSL broadband modem / router.

Wireless Home Networking FAQ:

  • What are the basic requirements for setting up a wireless home network?
  • To set up a home wireless network you'll need:
  • A high speed broadband internet connection
  • The right hardware – An ADSL modem/router is your primary entry
  • point to set up a wireless network, and that is all you require to get
  • your home wireless network up and running.

What if I already have a broadband connection? Can I still go wireless?

Ofcourse, you can mate! All you'll need is:

  • A computer
  • A wireless modem/router
  • A USB adapter / wireless network card for every device you want to connect.
  • Can I set up the wireless network myself?
  • Did we hear you ask if you could do it yourself?
  • The answer is an emphatic YES! Most home wireless networking kits come with easy to understand instruction manuals, and it is very easy to set up the network on your own. Although not child's play, it is not too difficult either!
  • Are there any security threats with a wireless network?
  • Unfortunately, yes. With the right equipment and knowledge, it is possible for anyone within the range of your network to access your network. Unauthorised network access is a grave threat, and you need to take steps to safeguard yourself against the same.

Why go for a Wifi network?

  • If you are asking this question, the chances are you have heard rumours about this great Wifi revolution, and are not quite sure what it is all about. For starters, Wifi is a wireless network that connects computers in an area without those bulky, ugly wires. It is the computer's equivalent of a mobile phone (to drive home the point). Obviously, there are several advantages of such a wireless network:
  • It is possible to connect computers located at places where network wires cannot reach.
  • Within a wireless network, one is free to move about anywhere. So, you really can carry your laptop with you anywhere, and access the network!
  • Wifi is a cheaper option to traditional networking since costs associated with networking cables are all eliminated.

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