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Belkin International, Inc., is a Californian manufacturer of consumer electronics that specializes in connectivity devices. Belkin Routers are the best choice for computer users because it is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

It has become a favorite of users due to its features. It has good speed of data transmission, ability to withstand cell phone interference, good range cover, and easy installation. It has networking speed faster than current Wi-Fi standard and its 54g technology is the easiest wireless network that can be helpful in accessing files and networking with hard drives, CD-ROMs, DVDs and printers.

Belkin Router has an easy installation wizard that automatically detects internet settings and a self adjust router that will keep you active online. This router is equally useful for both home and business users. It can easily handle three or four connections at the same time without being slow even though people mostly use around half of its maximum capacity. It has more power than you will ever need unless you are using two or three laptops at same time, using all by checking mails, watching movies and chatting with your friends at the same time.

Belkin wireless routers use dual antennas and operate in a vertical position for optimum signal strength. The cable ports and LED indicator lights are all clearly labeled for easy setup and troubleshooting. It also helps it to perform better. Belkin wireless routers utilize IP address reserving, which assigns your computer network a fixed IP address. This will make it very simple for FTP data transfers, firewall setup, and parental controls that block specified Internet content.

Belkin Routers are affordable and offer great quality, user friendly features and outstanding performance. So Belkin Routers are the perfect choice for the people who are running their business or people who work online and want their work to be finished without network and speed problem.

Among all the products, the most popular is the extensive range of routers available for both business and home use. However, Belkin routers do face some problems from time to time. What is needed to fix these problems is a service that provides comprehensive Belkin Router Support.

Nobody provides that service better than by our expert staff at TWQ Support.
• Setup of Wired/Wireless Belkin Routers
• Belkin Wireless Router Troubleshooting
• Installing/Updating Belkin Router Drivers
• Fixing Broken DNS Relay Function

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